Grande Cuisine Systems is proud to announce the introduction of custom-engineered cart enclosure systems for specialized towing needs.
Do you need to tow heavy carts that cannot have towbars attached? A perfect example is laundry carts; those that are here today will be at different facilities tomorrow, so attaching towbars to these carts is impractical. However, the need is there, because these carts are very heavy and difficult to control.
    Our solution is a custom-engineered enclosure which:
  • Allows for the (very heavy) laundry carts to be easily towed
  • Requires no modifications to the laundry carts themselves
  • Gives directional stability to laundry carts, despite them having 4 pivoting wheels

    The benefits are:
  • Reduced physical strain on staff, dramatically improving morale
  • Reduced injuries to staff, leading to lower workplace insurance costs and long-term disability costs

Our towing enclosures are designed and developed with input from your staff. This helps ensure optimal compatibility, safety and performance.
Our custom enclosure technology is already being deployed across an entire health region in the province of Quebec, in conjunction with our Beagle 360Drive towing solution.