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Individual Meal Regeneration


Vitalis 2

ISECO Vitalis 2

VITALIS 2 individual meal regeneration carts ensure that meals are delivered to patients at the right temperature, while retaining original nutritional and sensory qualities.


ENERGIS Thermocontact Oven


ENERGIS is a user-friendly regeneration oven for individual meals or larger containers. Each heating shelf is individually thermostatically controlled..

SERELIS Food Service Cart


SERELIS is a mobile buffet cart for hot and cold multiportion food containers. Patients can choose their own meals at the point of service. Each heating shelf is individually thermostatically controlled.


Transport & Storage



NAVIS carts are perfect for cold food distribution, also for truck transport between locations.

Navis Caldo

Navis Caldo

NAVIS Caldo can transport and maintain the temperature of hot food, either in bulk or individual meal trays.

Towing and Towing Enclosures

Beagle 360 Drive


Beagle Mobility is a highly manoueverable compact electric mover which is able to tow up to 3 Vitalis 2 Carts or Navis carts. It can also tow heavy loads in other departments in the hospital.

Towing Enclosures


Grande Cuisine Systems is proud to announce the introduction of custom-engineered cart enclosure systems for specialized towing needs.