Perfect reconstitution of meal quality
Progressive retherming by thermocontact preserves each meal’s nutritional and sensory qualities better than any other heating technology. Temperature is maintained for the duration of the service thanks to the stability of thermocontact heating plates and unique design features of Vitalis 2's trays.

Hygienic requirements met, food safety ensured
Vitalis 2 ensures the transport and conservation of meals in complete accordance with temperature standards for "Hot Line", "Cook & Chill" and "Cook & Freeze" operations, ensuring food hygiene and safety.
Vitalis 2 can be hosed down or machine washed, ensuring that perfectly hygienic conditions are maintained.
Our ISECOM-ID® HACCP option allows for automatic temperature traceability, facilitating risk management.

3 Heating options:

  • Tray Detection/Single refrigeration: ideal for most "Hot Line", "Cook & Chill" or "Cook & Freeze" operations
  • Tray Detection/Double refrigeration (cold & hot sides refrigerated prior to retherm): ideal for "Cook & Chill" operations where meals must stay refrigerated prior to retherm
  • Preheating without Tray Detection: for "Hot Line" operations where tray detection is not required

4 Refrigeration options:

  • Integrated refrigeration: "Fresh"
  • Separate refrigeration: "Single / StandFresh"
  • Refrigeration in a cold room: "Single" with folding doors
    (this is by far the least expensive refrigeration option, and only possible with thermocontact technology)
  • Electricity-free refrigeration: CarboFresh® refrigeration via CO2 injection / sublimation
    (ISECO's patented CarboFresh® technology is the only widely-accepted electricity-free refrigeration system in the world today)

ISECO technology at your service:

  • Many configurations: Two tray pitches (83 or 98 mm), multiple capacities (16, 20, 24, 28 and 30 shelves), 3 options for heating, 4 options for refrigeration
  • Many options: Central Brake, Towbar (tow up to 4 carts), 2 Key Locking options, Motorization, Service Shelf, Mobile Serving Aids
  • Flexible make-up of trays: With Tray Detection, you can combine hot meals and cold-only meals in the same cart
  • Inocuous operation, thanks to silent heating and quiet refrigeration systems
  • ISECOM-ID® HACCP option: temperature traceability with data recording
  • Technological improvements in the new Vitalis 2 cart further improve reliability and longevity

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