ISECO St-Phal Meal Delivery System Technologies

Understand the technologies used in our systems.



The Thermocontact regenerating system invented and continuously improved by ISECO St-Phal is the only system allowing soft thermal regeneration for perfect results. At the end of the heating cycle, the stability of ISECO St-Phal’s Thermocontact heating shelves ensures food at the desired temperature, with great reliability and user safety.


Stand Fresh Refrigeration

ISECO StandFress

The Vitalis StandFresh external refrigeration system enables Vitalis One Flex carts to be configured without onboard refrigeration, thus eliminating all moving parts relating to refrigeration from the cart itself. The Stand Fresh unit allows for simple docking of Vitalis One Flex carts: wheel the cart up to the StandFresh and apply the brake: refrigeration begins immediately. While intended to be stationary while in use, the Stand Fresh unit is on wheels, allowing for simple repositioning and maintenance.


Carbo Fresh Refrigeration

Carbo Fresh
A revolution in food service delivery, using dry ice to cool carts for up to 18 hours - eliminating the need for carts with compressors and refrigeration. The Carbo-Fresh™ system is simple. Liquid CO2 under pressure is injected in to a cassette within the cart, where it cools on expansion and becomes very cold dry ice. This negates the need for compressors in each cart or refrigerated transport, allowing the cart to be refrigerated at the desired temperature regardless of the ambient air-temperature.
Vitalis One Flex Carbo retherm carts stay cold for up to 5 hours without electricity, and Navis Carbo transport carts will be kept cold for up to 18 hours. As the carts temperature is controlled internally, there is no need for refrigerated vehicles to be used for distribution. Read John Hokkeling's article in the June 2010 Issue in FCSI Magazine: Non-Electric Refrigeration: A solution for large and complex food production sites



ISECOM: the new technology of ISECO St-Phal with which you can create an elaborate HACCP system. ISECOM has been developed for registration, transmission and gestion of data for the HACCP system and the maintenance of ISECO St-Phal equipment. ISECOM is unique because of the automatique registration and transmission of this data. It is completely integrated in the work process, without any extra intervention needed and without interrupting the logistic process.