The ENERGIS oven is ideal for retirement homes, health centres, schools and similar venues. Energis perfectly meets the hygienic requirements for Cook & Chill. With its refined design, Energis beautifully integrates into any dining room or regeneration facility.

The ENERGIS Range: Energis and Energis Compact are available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 shelves, and an optional stand.

Simple to use and a quality performance: With a possible choice of up to 4 different temperatures pre-set for each shelf, Energis can adapt to the demand of all menu requirements and to any type of containers (porcelain, stainless steel or foil). Load it, make your selections and it will do the rest !!! It is now possible to regenerate – during a single cycle – different food types, whether in bulk or individual tray. Delicate fish fillets, rare meat and crusty food can all be heated at once, delivering quality reliably with no need for surveillance.




The Thermocontact regenerating system invented and continuously improved by ISECO is the only system allowing soft thermal regeneration for perfect results. At the end of the heating cycle, the stability of ISECO’s Thermocontact heating shelves ensures food at the desired temperature, with great reliability and user safety.


Cleaning is made easy with the entire Thermocontact shelf block pivoting out for complete accessibility to the oven cavity.

Energy Saving

Each Thermocontact shelf is individually regulated, enabling pinpoint rethrmalization control of different kinds of food, all at the same time.

Continuous monitoring

The onboard control panel displays the temperature in the cavity in real time, as well as the time left in the regeneration cycle and any interruption in the cycle.
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